Christmas Pudding Ice Cream

An Ice-Cream with all the flavours of a Christmas Pud & a kick of booze: what’s not to love about this delicious recipe! A fantastic alternative to Christmas Pudding which to be honest I find rather heavy, especially after the other festive treats.

This version is tried and tested as it was devised by my father many years ago (who I secretly believe invented the concept). The best part about it is that it is just as easy to make using Soya ice-cream, so perfect for those with a dairy intolerance.

December Recipe: Christmas Pudding Ice-Cream

Mix together in a bowl then cover closely & set aside for a few hours (or overnight):

60g sultanas

60g currants

60g raisins

120g chopped glace cherries

60g chopped mixed candied peel

30g chopped stem ginger ( or glace pineapple)

60ml Brandy

When ready, soften 1 litre vanilla ice-cream (perfect for ice-cream straight from the shop!) then mix in your Brandied fruit, 150ml double cream, 25g toasted flaked almonds and 60g chocolate chips (these are optional as they go VERY hard in the ice-cream)

Spoon into a 1.8 litre (3pt) pudding basin, cover with freezer wrap & put in the freezer

When you are ready to serve: remove the wrap then dip the basin in hot (NOT boiling) water for 30 seconds, then tip out of the mould onto a plate. Dust with Sifted Cocoa Powder & let soften slightly before serving.

Easy Peasy! I’ve made some using sweetened dried cranberries for a change instead of the cherries… Although I am also toying with the idea of inventing a”stollen” ice-cream – boozy fruit, almonds & marzipan balls perhaps?

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